R.I.P to all my feelings.
I love my followers so much <3 but I really can't check everybody out, so feel free to ask me any thing. and I'd like to follow back as long as I like it, even if we're not similar, just ask me:)
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  • As you guys knew, I was writing a thesis this year, something about color sensibility. But since I'm so in love with "pale" stuff and "soft grunge", I was thinking about changing the subject into something about pale and soft grunge, which is more closely related to us. But I know that if I do, I probably need some help from you guys, like during the research process, I would have to inbox you, maybe once, twice or more. So before that, I really wondering how many friends would be glad to help? I will be very grateful for your help.<3<3<3
Anonymous: Hi my sunshine Can I ask if you had an eating disorder??I'm sorry for the question and I really love your blog I'll stay here forever so have a good day ^^

Hey there, hummm I don’t know how do you delimit it. I do have some sort of problem with eating sometimes, like I just kept drinking water without eating anything and I barely can know what it feels like “hungry”. But it only happens for 1~2 weeks when I’m sad, or tired. Sometimes yes, maybe with no reason. Yet, in my opinion, I don’t think I have an eating disorder.:) I don’t know why are you asking me about that, but anyway, I wish you well! I hope no one is suffering by this though. And I don’t know much about an eating disorder, don’t even know what’s happening on me, but I 100% understand them, I understand that’s not easy…I’m happy that you like my blog, I wish you can come off anon so we can have some small talk as well:)

delicateloli: Your tumblr is really beautiful. I'm in love! ♡

Thank you dear, I wish you a lovely day.XX

Hi,.I’m sorry that I’m so bad at replying back recently. But I read all of your lovely messages, I really do. I thank you all for all the love you leave me and I hope that all you wonderful people are having a nice weekend. And I promise that I’d reply all asps. I’m longing to have small talks with you beautiful.