R.I.P to all my feelings.
I love my followers so much <3 but I really can't check everybody out, so feel free to ask me any thing. and I'd like to follow back as long as I like it, even if we're not similar, just ask me:)
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laurajohannawat: HI, I wanted to say, that your blog is very cute and awesome and you seem to be very nice person cx Could you check my pale blog out, too? :3

Hi dear, thank you! I’ve visited yours and followed:)

somewhatvintage: love your blog!!!

Thank you sweetie .XX

strawberry-kotti: Even though it doesn't really suit the type I'd look at on tumblr, I just wanted to say that your blog is absolutely beautiful. I'm definitely going to be coming back to it again, if just to take a look.

Thank you honey! And thank you guys for following me and spurring me on to greater efforts. I didn’t post stuff for days, since I’m in the hospital, but I promise that I’ll come back and update asps.

pretty-face-sad-soul-deactivate: Your blog is beautiful, I'm sad and it's just.. Oh my god.

hey honey, I’m appreciate that you feel relate to.. I don’t know what’s going on there but I know the feelings of sad. I wish something good will happen to you soon, and something can light you up is coming. thank you!XX