R.I.P to all my feelings.
I love my followers so much <3 but I really can't check everybody out, so feel free to ask me any thing. and I'd like to follow back as long as I like it, even if we're not similar, just ask me:)
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  • <b> </b> hi guys, don't think I've abandoned you. I just haven't been posting much because started with a new job, made a big life change and a lot of efforts.<p><b></b> I'll be back from time to time as I can. and hopefully back to regularly scheduled posts once things settle down.<p><b></b> though I never talked too much with any of you guys, the friends on tumblr are the most beautiful and great friends. you are very important! I wish you all are wonderful and happy! XXX<p>
kittiesukoshi: i really dont want this to come across as rude, if you do think it is feel free to delete this message: i was wondering if you could go on my me page and reblog a photo or two? it would mean alot and their all pale photos and i see that your a pale blog! like i said i dont mean this in a demanding or rude way, im just asking :) thankyou x

Honey I’m so sorry that I just found out your message today. I know it’s been a long time that I should reply back like a month ago… :( I checked your tumblr, and followed back. Because you asked me to reblog some but I’m so sorry because I was too busy and still too busy with works which made me have no time to reblog right now, but I promise you that I will go back your blog and reblog some as soon as I get time to come back on tumblr. XOXO

starchil-d: Who is the "simple life" song in your background from? It's so lovely.

hi I found it on youtube, so you can find it easily by just search “a simple life” on it. good luck!

his-rainbowgirl: You have such a nice blog, darling! Can you check out mine too? :3

Thank you honey. I’d like to:)

princess--allison: hello there^^ I just wanted to tell you that I'm quite happy to have found your blog, for it's just lovely.

OMG I just found out that I missed your message! Sooo sorry for late reply! And thank you so much!

elijahshaven: your blog makes me feel peaceful. It's so beautiful, I love it!

and you made my day:)