R.I.P to all my feelings.
I love my followers so much <3 but I really can't check everybody out, so feel free to ask me any thing. and I'd like to follow back as long as I like it, even if we're not similar, just ask me:)
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Anonymous: so you speak both Chinese and Korean? oh and English :D

Nah.Generally I speak Korean, and my Chinese sucks, just as bad as my English. But I’m happy by using any of them. lol

Anonymous: hey sweetheart can I ask where are you from?? have a nice day ^^

I was born in China and raised in Hong Kong but now living in Korea. have a wonderful day.

Anonymous: are most of the pictures on ur blog taken by you?

just some

sad-cunt: i love your blog, omg. <3

Thank you sweetie XX