R.I.P to the feelings that I had.
Love my followers. <3 Feel free to ask me any questions or ask me to check out your blog. I will follow back even if we're not similar but as long as I like it.
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thosedelicatethings: you are definitly in the top 3 of people I reblog from! you post the most amazing stuff! :) <3

And you made me smile:) Thank you sweetheart!!

too-caress: Hey there :) you have a beautiful blog I just made my account and I was just wondering if you could check out my blog, I would really appreciate it Thankyou I hope you have a perfect day x

Hi dear, I’ve visited your blog:) can’t make decision to follow by now, but  I’ll keep an eye out for you.XX

"Sometimes we cry with everything except tears."
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asheneyes: Oh my god, thank you so much for the follow!<3

It should be me who thank you for re-blog so much. XOXO